Friday, 11 July 2008


Carrying on with the Mexican flavour here are a few pics of Colins bandito posse paint by Pat 'Windy' Smith and a few peaceful peasants painted me.

Adios Amigos!

Monday, 7 July 2008


I was looking forward to last weekend as i had a GREAT one planned. I had booked Saturday night off work a few weeks back and was planning to travel down south for a great WAB wargame based on the Macbeth play hosted by Dave "shami" Marks and Sunday i was hosting a LotOW game with Colin to playtest the rules for "Pinkertonmen" posse i have been working on.

Saturday was a no go when work decided that i hadnt given them enough notice and couldnt authorise my absence. So unless i went AWOL the Norwegian contingent i was hoping to lead into battle would have to count as lost at sea.

a few of my vikings i was hoping to use at the weekend

I would of loved to have been there, but it was not the end of the world, As i knew that Sundays game was going to be great fun.

So after finishing work at 0230 Saturday night/ Sunday morning i decided to put in a few extra hours at my painting station to get a more townsfolk painted up for the coming game.

I finally put my head down at 0500 only to be woken up two hours later by my 3 year old daughter. Even this i didnt mind as i could sit her down after breakfast painting stones whilst i finished off my townies, and prepared myself for the forthcoming shoot out.

But it was not meant to be as i received a message from Colin who was unable to make it due to his car breaking down (i was beginning to worry that i smelt like a wargamer).

Colins car...........

All being well, Colin and I will get a game or 2 in next weekend and i will be able to test out the pinks and post some great pics and a battle report from the mean streets of Imelda


Whirlwind Milly hit the town of Imelda last night, a quick but deadly assault which took out the water tower and the backyard of "the spirit of the times" newspaper office!

I was quietly laying out my town just to check for gaps before commisioning Colin to build a few more fantastic buildings, when Milly my eight month old mastiff puppy lumbered into the room. With one paw she managed to take out the backyard and the water tower, before i managed to grab her and push her out of the room before the whole town was destroyed. I feel i got off quite lightly and have learned my lesson, "Do not put your lovely cherished buildings on the floor where they might be stamped on"!
Anyway i have now come up with my wishlist, mainly from perusing the fantastic photos which can be found on a great site for reference material and a fun idea for a holiday travelling around the US of A photographing old ghost towns (trouble is i dont think my wife would agree).

the destruction from above.....

The rear yard......

The wrecked water tower and yard....

What MILLY had to say about the incident.....

MILLY and my Boxer dog ODIN recovering after a game of rugby...

Friday, 4 July 2008

a few more dudes head west

A few dudes from wargames foundry, painted by myself for a fellow enthusiast out in the old west.