Thursday, 26 August 2010

Heading south

I am heading south for SELWG in October, I will be staying at Daves so we have decided to use it as an excuse to get in to some more old west trouble.
As you can tell by the lack of updates on the blog the town of Imelda has been very peaceful of late. To wake up the locals I need a posse. I am unsure whether to take an all mounted bushwhacker posse or crack on and finish the renegade Indians I started a while back.
I know Dave will be using his mountain men which have an awesome mix of long range fire power and close combat skills. so it may be good to close in quick on horse back then blast a way with 6 shooters. Or i could use lots of sneaky braves which can be hard to hit then close in an use tomahawks to scalp the hairy headed mountain men.
Other people may also be playing so its probably best to take a well rounded force. Whatever i decide it is sure to be fun and the updates will be coming in thick and fast.